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Marital Status

Definition:A value representing the domestic partnership status of a person. Marital status is important in determining insurance eligibility and other legal arrangements surrounding care. Marital status often changes during a patient's lifetime so the data should relate to the effective date of the patient data object and not be entered with multiple values like an address or contact number. This element should only have one instance reflecting the current status of the individual at the time the Exchange is produced. Former values might be part of the personal and social history
Constraints:C154-[DE-1.08-1] Marital Status SHALL be coded as specified in HITSP/C80 Section Marital Status CDA and HLV3

Value Set

Marital Status Value Set

Definition:Marital Status is the domestic partnership status of a person. The Marital Status Vocabulary is reproduced below in Table 2-41 Marital Status Value Set Definition
Code System Name:MaritalStatus
Code System Source:Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 3.0 Vocabulary
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
A Annulled Marriage contract has been declared null and to not have existed
D Divorced Marriage contract has been declared dissolved and inactive
I Interlocutory Subject to an Interlocutory Decree
L Legally Separated Legally separated
M Married A current marriage contract is active
P Polygamous More than 1 current spouse
S Never Married No marriage contract has ever been entered
T Domestic partner Person declares that a domestic partner relationship exists
W Widowed The spouse has died

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