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Birth Place

Definition:The location of the patient's birth
Constraints:C154-[DE-1.16-1] If born in the United States, the state part of an address SHALL be recorded using HITSP/C80 Section State

C154-[DE-1.16-2] If born in the United States the postal code part of an address in the United States SHALL be recorded using HITSP/C80 Section Postal Code

C154-[DE-1.16-3] The country part of an address SHALL be recorded using HITSP/C80 Section Country

Value Sets

State Value Set

Definition:Identifies addresses within the United States are recorded using the FIPS 5-2 two-letter alphabetic codes for the State, District of Columbia, or an outlying area of the United States or associated area
Code System Name:Codes for the Identification of the States, the District of Columbia and the Outlying Areas of the United States, and Associated Areas Publication # 5-2, May, 1987
Code System Source:Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)

Postal Code Value Set

Definition:This identifies the postal (ZIP) Code of an address in the United States
Code System Name:Postal Codes
Code System Source:United States Postal Service (USPS)

Country Value Set

Definition:The complete set of 3166-1 codes
Code System Name:ISO 3166-1 Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions: Part 1 Countries
Code System Source:International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

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Relationship Organization Item
utilizes HITSP Country Value Set   
utilizes HITSP Postal Code Value Set   
utilizes HITSP State Value Set   
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