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Immunization Information Source

Definition:The immunization information source is a value which indicates where the information about a specific immunization record came from
Constraints:C154--[DE-13.11-1] The Administration notes SHALL be coded using the HITSP/C80 Section Immunization Information Source

Value Set

Immunization Information Source

Definition:See NIP Table 001 in Appendix 1 in CDC Implementation Guide for Immunization Data Transactions and the table is reproduced in Table 2-92 Immunization Information Source Value Set Definition
Code System Name:Immunization Information Source
Code System Source:Implementation Guide for Immunizations Data Transaction using Versions 2.3.1 of the Health Level Seven (HL7) Standard Protocol
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
0 New immunization record Not Available
1 Historical information - source unspecified Not Available
2 Historical information - from other provider Not Available
3 Historical information - from parent's written record Not Available
4 Historical information - from parent's recall Not Available
5 Historical information - from other registry Not Available
6 Historical information - from birth certificate Not Available
7 Historical information - from school record Not Available
8 Historical information - from public agency Not Available

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Relationship Organization Item
utilizes HITSP Immunization Information Source   
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