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Contact Type Value Set

URI:Not Available at Publication
Purpose:Demographic Information
Definition:The HL7 Version 3 Role Class Vocabulary has been limited by HITSP to the value set reproduced below in Table 2-45 Contact Type Value Set Definition. This represents the type of individual support provided, such as immediate emergency contacts, next of kin, family relations, guardians, agents, et cetera
Effective Date:2008-12-18
Creation Date:2008-12-18
Code System Name:RoleClass
Code System Source:Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 3.0 Vocabulary
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
AGNT Agent An entity that acts or is authorized to act on behalf of another entity (scoper)
CAREGIVER Caregiver A person responsible for the primary care of a patient at home
ECON Emergency Contact An entity to be contacted in the event of an emergency
GUARD Guardian Guardian of a ward
NOK Next of kin An individual designated for notification as the next of kin for a given entity
PRS Personal Links two people in a personal relationship
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