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Confidentiality Value Set

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Purpose:This is the code specifying the level of confidentiality of the document, which may be used by IT systems to make an authorization decision about access to the document. More than one value may be applied to any document
Definition:The value set is defined to be the entire contents of the Confidentiality Code code set defined by HL7 version 3. The value set is reproduced in Table 2-151 Confidentiality Value Set Reference Listing for convenience, but the official value set is the code set defined by HL7
Effective Date:2009-11-09
Creation Date:2009-11-09
Code System Name:HL7 Confidentiality Code (2.16.840.1.113883.5.25)
Code System Source:HL7
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
B Business Since the service class can represent knowledge structures that may be considered a trade or business secret, there is sometimes (though rarely) the need to flag those items as of business level confidentiality. However, no patient related information may ever be of this confidentiality level
C Celebrity Celebrities are people of public interest (VIP) including employees, whose information require special protection
D Clinician Only clinicians may see this item, billing and administration persons can not access this item without special permission
ETH Substance Abuse Related Alcohol/drug-abuse related item
HIV HIV related HIV and AIDS related item
I Individual Access only to individual persons who are mentioned explicitly as actors of this service and whose actor type warrants that access (cf. to actor type code)
L Low No patient record item can be of low confidentiality. However, some service objects are not patient related and therefore may have low confidentiality
N Normal Normal confidentiality rules (according to good health care practice) apply, that is, only authorized individuals with a legitimate medical or business need may access this item
PSY Psychiatry related Psychiatry related item
R Restricted Restricted access, e.g. only to providers having a current care relationship to the patient
S Sensitive Information for which the patient seeks heightened confidentiality. Sensitive information is not to be shared with family members. Information reported by the patient about family members is sensitive by default. Flag can be set or cleared on patient's request
SDV Sexual and Domestic Violence related Sexual assault / domestic violence related item
T Taboo Information not to be disclosed or discussed with patient except through physician assigned to patient in this case. This is usually a temporary constraint only, example use is a new fatal diagnosis or finding, such as malignancy or HIV
V Very Restricted Very restricted access as declared by the Privacy Officer of the record holder
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