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Format Code Value Set

Source:Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
URI:http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=IHE_Format_Codes Exit Disclaimer
Purpose:This is the code specifying the format of the document. Along with the typeCode, it should provide sufficient information to allow any potential document consumer to know if it will be able to process the document. The code shall be sufficiently specific to ensure processing/display by identifying a document encoding, structure and template
Definition:The value set is defined to be the set of format codes defined by the IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework, and also including additional format codes defined by the NHIN. The value set is listed in Table 2-153 Format Code Value Set Definition
Effective Date:2009-11-09
Creation Date:2009-11-09
Code System Name:none
Code System Source:none
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
urn:ihe:iti:bppc-sd:2007 Basic Patient Privacy Consents with Scanned Document Not Provided
urn:ihe:iti:bppc:2007 Basic Patient Privacy Consents Not Provided
urn:ihe:iti:xds-sd:pdf:2008 PDF embedded in CDA per XDS-SD profile Not Provided
urn:ihe:iti:xds-sd:text:2008 Text embedded in CDA per XDS-SD profile Not Provided
urn:ihe:lab:xd-lab:2008 CDA Laboratory Report Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:apr:edu:2008 Antepartum Record (APR) - Education Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:apr:handp:2008 Antepartum Record (APR) - History and Physical Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:apr:lab:2008 Antepartum Record (APR) - Laboratory Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:aps:2007 IHE Antepartum Summary Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:cm:2008 Care Management (CM) Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:crc:2008 Cancer Registry Content (CRC) Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:edes:2007 Emergency Department Encounter Summary (EDES) Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:edr:2007 Emergency Department Referral (EDR) Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:irc:2008 Immunization Registry Content (IRC) Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:xds-ms:2007 XDS Medical Summaries Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:xphr:2007 HL7 CCD Document Not Provided
urn:ihe:pcc:xphr:2007 Personal Health Records Not Provided
urn:nhin:names:acp:XACML Access Consent Policy document formatted as XACML Not Provided
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