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Author Role Value Set

Source:National Health Information Network (NHIN)
URI:Not Available at Publication
Purpose:This is the code specifying the role of the document author when the document was created.
Definition:The value set is defined by the NHIN Specifications Factory to the restricted set of SNOMED CT®odes listed in Table 2-155 Author Role Value Set Definition
Effective Date:2009-11-09
Creation Date:2009-11-09
Revision Date:2010-01-25
Code System Name:SNOMED CT®
Code System Source:National Library of Medicine - UMLS
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
3842006 Chiropractor Not Provided
22515006 Medical Assistant Not Provided
26042002 Dental Hygienist Not Provided
28229004 Optometrist Not Provided
36682004 Physiotherapist Not Provided
46255001 Pharmacist Not Provided
59944000 Psychologist Not Provided
61207006 Medical pathologist Not Provided
76231001 Osteopath Not Provided
80546007 Occupational therapist Not Provided
80584001 Psychiatrist Not Provided
106289002 Dentist Not Provided
106290006 Veterinarian Not Provided
106292003 Professional nurse Not Provided
106311007 Minister of religion AND/OR related member of religious order Not Provided
106328005 Social worker Not Provided
106330007 Philologist, translator AND/OR interpreter Not Provided
112247003 Medical doctor Not Provided
116154003 Patient Not Provided
159026005 Speech therapist Not Provided
159033005 Dietitian Not Provided
159034004 Podiatrist Not Provided
159483005 clerical occupation Not Provided
224546007 Infection control nurse Not Provided
224570006 Clinical nurse specialist Not Provided
224571005 Nurse practitioner Not Provided
224608005 Administrative healthcare staff Not Provided
224609002 Complementary Healthcare worker Not Provided
265950004 IT Professional Not Provided
271554005 law occupation Not Provided
307785004 insurance specialist (health insurance/payor) Not Provided
307969004 Public health officer Not Provided
307988006 Medical Technician Not Provided
309398001 Profession allied to medicine (non-licensed care giver) Not Provided
309418004 Audiologist Not Provided
309428008 Orthotist Not Provided
397897005 Paramedic/EMT Not Provided
405278004 Certified registered nurse anesthetist Not Provided
429577009 Patient advocate Not Provided
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