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Definition:Within a CDA document, the following information maps to the HITSP/C154 Data Dictionary. At a minimum, key support contacts relative to healthcare decisions, including next of kin, should be included. If no healthcare providers are supplied, the reason should be supplied as free text in the narrative block (e.g., Unknown, etc). See the HL7 Continuity of Care Document Section 3.3 for constraints applicable to these data elements.
CDA Data Location HITSP Data Element Identifier and Name O/R Additional Specification
/cda:ClinicalDocument/cda:participant Support R2/Y
cda:time 3.01 - Date R/N
cda:associatedEntity or cda:patientRole/cda:patient/cda:guardian Contact R2/Y
@classCode 3.02 - Contact Type R/N
cda:code/@code 3.03 - Contact Relationship R2/N
cda:addr 3.04 - Contact Address R2/Y
cda:telecom 3.05 - Contact Phone / Email / URL R2/Y
cda:associatedPerson/cda:name or cda:guardianPerson/cda:name 3.06 - Contact Name R/Y
cda:associatedPerson/cda:name or cda:guardianPerson/cda:name 1.12 - Mother's Maiden Name O/N

Optionality Legend: “R” for Required, “R2” for Required if known, “O” for Optional and Repeat = “Y” for Yes or “N” for No

Support Example

<!-- These examples assume the default namespace is 'urn:hl7-org:v3' --> <!-- example 1 -->
<guardian classCode='GUARD'>
<templateId root='2.16.840.1.113883.'/>
<templateId root=''/>
<code code='GRMTH' displayName='Grandmother'
codeSystem='2.16.840.1.113883.5.111' codeSystemName='RoleCode'/>
<telecom .../>
<!-- example 2 -->
<participant typeCode='IND'>
<templateId root='2.16.840.1.113883.'/>
<time value='20070213'/>
<associatedEntity classCode='AGNT'>
<code code='STPDAU' displayName='Step-Daughter'
codeSystem='2.16.840.1.113883.5.111' codeSystemName='RoleCode'/>
<telecom .../>

Section ID Constraint ID Definition Support Constraints Not Provided
C83-[DE-3-CDA-1] A CDA Document SHALL declare conformance for the Support entry by including a <templateID> element with the root attribute set to the value 2.16.840.1.113883.
C83-[DE-3-CDA-2] All support entries SHALL also declare conformance to the IHE Patient Contacts module by including a <templateID> element with the root attribute set to the value Contact Type Constraints The classCode attribute SHALL be coded as specified in HITSP/C80 section Contact Type
C83-[DE-3.01-CDA-1] Not Provided

Contact Type Constraints Example:

<assignedEntity classCode='AGNT'> ...</assignedEntity>
<assignedEntity classCode='CAREGIVER'> ...</assignedEntity>
<assignedEntity classCode='ECON'> ...</assignedEntity>
<guardian classCode='GUARD'> ...</guardian>
<assignedEntity classCode='NOK'> ...</assignedEntity>
<assignedEntity classCode='PRS'> ...</assignedEntity> Contact Relationship Constraints Not Provided
C154-[DE-3.03-1] The contact relationship SHALL have be coded as specified in HITSP/C80 section Personal Relationships Contact Address Constraints Not Provided
C154-[DE-3.04-1] The state part of an address in the United States SHALL be recorded using HITSP/C80 Section State
C154-[DE-3.04-2] The postal code part of an address in the United States SHALL be recorded using HITSP/C80 Section Postal Code
C154-[DE-3.04-3] The country part of an address SHALL be recorded using HITSP/C80 Section Country Mother's Maiden Name The mother's maiden name may appear in the <family qualifier='BR'> name element of the support person that is identified by the <code> element containing the code attribute identifying the person as the patient's mother. The use of the qualifier attribute identifies it as the family name the mother had at birth. This data element is often used to facilitate the unique identification of newborns.
C32-[CT1--16] Support See HITSP/C83 Section Support
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