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Definition:Within a CDA document, the following information maps to the HITSP/C154 Data Dictionary. See the HL7 Continuity of Care Document Section 3.14 for constraints applicable to these data elements. This section defines a coded entry describing a procedure performed on a patient.
CDA Data Location HITSP Data Element Identifier and Name O/R Additional Specification
cda:procedure[cda:templateId/@root= '2.16.840.1.113883.']
cda:code/@code 17.02 - Procedure Type R2/N
cda:code/cda:originalText/cda:reference/@value 17.03 - Procedure Free Text Type R/N
cda:effectiveTime 17.04 - Procedure Date / Time R2/N
cda:targetSiteCode 17.06 - Body Site R2/N
cda:performer/cda:assignedEntity 17.05 - Procedure Provider R2/Y

Optionality Legend: “R” for Required, “R2” for Required if known, “O” for Optional and Repeat = “Y” for Yes or “N” for No

Section ID Constraint ID Definition Procedures Constraints Not Provided
C83-[DE-17-CDA-1] Procedure entries SHALL declare conformance for the procedures module by including a <templateID> element with the root attribute set to the value 2.16.840.1.113883.
C83-[DE-17-CDA-2] Procedure entries SHALL declare conformance to the IHE Procedure entry by including a <templateID> element with the root attribute set to the value Body Site Constraints Not Provided
C83-[DE-17-CDA-3] The body site SHALL be coded according as specified in HITSP/C80 Section Body Site
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