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HITSP C47 Resource Utilization Message Component

Type:Data Agreement
Start Date:2008-12-18
Scope:The HITSP Resource Utilization Message Component specifies the message and content necessary to report utilization and status of health provider resources to public health agencies. This specification reflects the current status of harmonization efforts between Health Level Seven (HL7) and the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).
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Relationship Organization Item
is composed of HITSP Base Facility Data Elements (C47)   
is composed of HITSP Daily Facility Summary Report Elements (C47)   
is composed of HITSP Dynamic Resource Availability Report Elements (HAVE Message Data Elements) C47   
is composed of HITSP End of observation group structure.   
is composed of HITSP Start of grouping structure.   

There are no Value Domains linked to HITSP C47 Resource Utilization Message Component.

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