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HITSP C26 Nonrepudiation of Origin Component V1.2

Type:Data Agreement
Start Date:2008-08-27
Scope:This section describes the contents of this specification and provides a high level definition of this Component and background information about the underlying standards that the Component is based on.

The scope of the HITSP/C26 Nonrepudiation of Origin provides the mechanisms to support Nonrepudiation of Origin, which refers to both the proof of the integrity and origin of documents in a high-assurance manner which can be verified by any party. This Component does not provide Nonrepudiation of Receipt.

According to Section of ASTM E1762-95 (2003) Standard Guide for Electronic Authentication of Health Care Information, Nonrepudiation is defined as proof that only the signer could have created a signature. Nonrepudiation cannot be ensured until the completion of the applicable dispute resolution process. This process may be influenced by agreements between the signer and verifier (for example, trading partner agreements or system rules), and such agreements would implicate the appropriate technologies that could be used to provide electronic signatures.

ASTM E1762-95 (2003) also defines three levels of assurance (low, medium, and high) for nonrepudiation. Low and medium levels of assurance do not require the use of digital signatures but may rely on a combination of audit log, integrity control, and access controls. Low and medium levels of assurance can be achieved by using the core set of HITSP security constructs (HITSP/T15 Collect and Communicate Security Audit Trail, HITSP/T16 Consistent Time, HITSP/T17 Secured Communication Channel, and HITSP/TP20 Access Control).
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