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HITSP CAP135 Retrieve and Populate Form 0.0.1 Draft

Type:Data Agreement
Start Date:2009-09-07
Scope:This capability addresses interoperability requirements to support the upload of specific captured data (e.g. public health surveillance reportable conditions, healthcare associated infection reporting) to Public Health Monitoring Systems and Quality Organizations Systems. The forms presented may be pre-populated by information provided by the clinical or laboratory information systems to avoid manual re-entry. A number of supplemental information variables may be captured from within the user’s clinical information system to improve the workflow and timeliness of required reporting. One or more types of form content may be supported:

1. Pre-population for Public Health Case Reports from Structured Documents using CDA

2. Pre-population for Quality Data from Structured Documents using CDA

3. No pre-population content

Systems may optionally support the means to retrieve request for clarifications.
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