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Accomodation Code_CD

Name:Accomodation Code_CD
Type:Conceptual Domain
Definition:User-defined code and text representing specific patient accommodations for this visit. HL7® v3 ActEncounterAccommodationCode.
Registration Authority:Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Title:Not Provided
Administrative Attributes
Responsible Organization:Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Submitting Organization:Office of Clinical Standards and Quality
Steward Organization:Consolidated Health Informatics
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Meaning Meaning Definition
Isolation Accommodations used in the care of diseases that are transmitted through casual contact or respiratory transmission.
Private Accommodations in which there is only 1 bed.
Semi-private Accommodations in which there are 3 or more beds.
Suite Uniquely designed and elegantly decorated accommodations with many amenities available for an additional charge.
Ward Accommodations in which there are 3 or more beds.
Relationship Organization Item
utilizes CMS Accident Code - ICD-9 Table_VD   
utilizes CMS Accomodation Code - HL7 Table 0129_VD   
utilizes CMS P{rovider Type - NUCC Table_VD   
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