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HITSP C35 Lab Result Terminology Component

Type:Data Agreement
Start Date:2008-08-27
Scope:This section describes the contents of this specification and provides a high level definition of this Component and background information about the underlying standards that the Component is based on.
The purpose of this document is to define the vocabulary for either message-based or document-based laboratory results reporting. The goals supported by this terminology Component specification are stated in the AHIC Electronic Health Records (EHR) Laboratory Results Reporting Use Case:
- Deploy standardized, widely available, secure solutions for accessing laboratory results and interpretations in a patient-centric manner for clinical care by authorized parties
- Provide the following functionality for laboratory results reporting and notification, and is applicable to many types of laboratory tests, including but not limited to: clinical chemistry, hematology, serology and microbiology
The Use Case notes that there are obstacles to achieving the stated goals. In particular, the following obstacle is delineated:
- Lack of harmonization among data interoperability standards including vocabulary, laboratory and other messaging standards
This Lab Result Terminology Component is the result of a considered assessment of the terminologies available and the current practices in electronic laboratory results reporting for the purpose of moving forward in the harmonization of those terminologies. Without standard terminologies, interoperability is severely limited. This specification describes the vocabularies needed to implement the communication of an electronic standards-based laboratory result. A guiding principle for these selections was to follow the Consolidated Heath Informatics (CHI) Initiative standards selections as appropriate. The following sections describe the selected terminologies, the events that are supported by those standards and the reason for their selection. Also described are the organizations that maintain the standards and where to obtain more information.
This Component specification is part of a series of documents to establish Interoperability Standards for laboratory results reporting.
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Relationship Organization Item
is referenced in HITSP HITSP C76 Case Report Pre-Populate Component Compare these items   
Relationship Organization Item
Is composed of HITSP Birth Weight   
Is composed of HITSP Observation Identifier   
Is composed of HITSP Producer's Reference   
Is composed of HITSP Reason for   
Is composed of HITSP Result Date/Time   
Is composed of HITSP Result ID   
Is composed of HITSP Result Interpretation   
Is composed of HITSP Result Reference Range   
Is composed of HITSP Result Status   
Is composed of HITSP Result Type   
Is composed of HITSP Result Value   
is composed of HITSP Study   
Is composed of HITSP Universal Service Identifier   
Relationship Organization Item
is composed of HITSP Data Mapping: HL7 V2.5.1 OBR - Observation Request Segment   
is composed of HITSP Data Mapping: HL7 V2.5.1 OBX - Observation/Result Segment   
references HITSP Result   
Relationship Organization Item
is composed of HITSP Laboratory Observations_VD   
is composed of HITSP ObservationInterpretation_VD   
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