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HITSP C44 Secure Web Connection Component

Type:Data Agreement
Start Date:2008-08-27
Scope:This HITSP Component provides the capability to access documents through a Secure Web Browser. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme which is syntactically identical to the http: Exit Disclaimer scheme normally used for accessing resources using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Using an https: Exit Disclaimer Uniform Resource Locator (URL) indicates that HTTP is to be used, but with a different default port and an additional encryption/authentication layer between HTTP and the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). This system was developed by Netscape Communications Corporation to provide authentication and encrypted communication and is widely used on the World Wide Web for security-sensitive communication, such as payment transactions. The level of https protection depends on the correctness of the implementation by the web browser, the server software and the actual cryptographic algorithms supported

Because SSL operates below http and has no knowledge of the higher level protocol, SSL servers can only present one certificate for a particular Internet Protocol (IP) port combination
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