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HITSP C75 Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Report Component

Type:Data Agreement
Start Date:2008-12-27
Scope:Each HITSP Interoperability Specification (IS) is comprised of a suite of constructs that, taken as a whole, define how to integrate and constrain existing standards and specifications that will satisfy the requirements imposed by a given Use Case. The IS groups specific actions and actors to describe the relevant contexts using HITSP constructs that further identify and constrain standards where necessary. There are four types of HITSP constructs called Interoperability Specifications (IS), Transaction Packages (TP), Transactions (T), and Components (C). The current Healthcare Associated Infection Report Component specification is used with other constructs to meet the requirements of one or more ISs. Review Section 1.2 Interoperability Specification Document Map from the relevant IS to better understand the context, dependencies, and relationships between the constructs that are used to meet the IS requirements.
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is utilized by HITSP HITSP CAP119 Communicate Structured Document v 0.0.1 Draft Compare these items   

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