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15. Test Results

Name:15. Test Results
Type:Model View
Abbreviation:15 Test Results
Definition:This includes data about current and historical test results from laboratory or other diagnostic testing performed on the patient. RESULT This module contains current and relevant historical result observations for the patient. The scope of “observations” is broad with the exception of “vital signs” which are contained in the Vital Signs sections .
Registration Authority:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Effective Date:2009-11-09
Administrative Attributes
Responsible Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Submitting Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Steward Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
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Relationship Organization Item
is a component of HITSP HITSP C154 Data Dictionary Component January 25, 2010 Version 1.0   
Relationship Organization Item
is composed of HITSP 15.01 Result ID   
is composed of HITSP 15.02 Result Date/Time   
is composed of HITSP 15.03 Result Type   
is composed of HITSP 15.04 Result Status   
is composed of HITSP 15.05 Result Value   
is composed of HITSP 15.06 Result Interpretation   
is composed of HITSP 15.07 Result Reference Range   
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