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07. Conditions

Name:07. Conditions
Type:Model View
Definition:This includes relevant clinical problems and conditions for which the patient is receiving care, including information about onset, severity, and providers treating the condition. Conditions are broader than, but include diagnoses. CONDITION This module contains relevant clinical problems. See the HL7 Continuity of Care Document Section 3.5 for constraints applicable to this module. The template identifier for this module is 2.16.840.1.113883.
Registration Authority:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Effective Date:2009-12-17
Administrative Attributes
Responsible Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Submitting Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Steward Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
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Relationship Organization Item
is referenced in HITSP HITSP C154 Data Dictionary Component January 25, 2010 Version 1.0   
Relationship Organization Item
is composed of HITSP 7.01 Problem Date   
is composed of HITSP 7.02 Problem Type   
references HITSP 7.03 Problem Name   
is composed of HITSP 7.04 Problem Code   
is composed of HITSP 7.05 Treating Provider   
is composed of HITSP 7.06 Age (at Onset)   
is composed of HITSP 7.07 Cause of Death   
is composed of HITSP 7.08 Age (at Death)   
is composed of HITSP 7.09 Time of Death   
is further defined by HITSP 7.10 Diagnosis Priority   
references HITSP 7.11 Treating Provider ID   
is composed of HITSP 7.12 Problem Status   
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