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HITSP C83 CDA Content Modules Component V.2 25 Jan 2010

Type:Data Agreement
Start Date:2010-01-25
Scope:The purpose of the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) CDA Content Modules Component is to define the library of Components that may be used by CDA-based constructs developed by HITSP and others in standards based exchanges. The Components are organized into modules to simplify navigation. These modules are organized along the same principals as the HL7 Continuity of Care Document.

The data elements found in these modules are based on HL7 CDA Implementation Guides and the IHE PCC Technical Framework Volume II, Release 5 and its related supplements. These guides contain specifications for document sections that are consistent with all clinical documents currently selected for HITSP constructs. 2.1.1 THIS SPECIFICATION DESCRIBES THE MAPPING OF SECTIONS AND ENTRIES OF CDA DOCUMENTS TO THE HITSP DATA ELEMENTS DEFINED IN THE HITSP/C154 DATA DICTIONARY COMPONENT DEPENDENCIES

This section describes any specific mapping criteria for the standards underlying the Component. It elaborates on the relationships between different standards used by this Component, and how they map to each other. Additional required mapping criteria not currently enforced by the underlying standards, and any specific elements that are required for this mapping to succeed, are also provided.
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Relationship Organization Item
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-10]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-11]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-12]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-1]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-2]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-3]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-4]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-5]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-6]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-7]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-8]   
constrained by HITSP C83-[CDA-9]   
Relationship Organization Item
further defines HITSP HITSP C168 Long Term and Post Acute Care Assessments Component V0.0.1 31 Jan 2010 Compare these items   
is utilized by HITSP HITSP C80 Clinical Document and Message Terminology Component V2.0 Januray 25, 2010 Compare these items   
constrains HITSP HITSP IS06 Quality Interoperability Specification January 25, 2010 Compare these items   
Relationship Organization Item
references HITSP Ethnicity   
Relationship Organization Item
Relationship Organization Item
is composed of HITSP 2.2.1 CDA SECTIONS   
is composed of HITSP 2.2.2 ENTRY CONTENT MODULES   

There are no Value Domains linked to HITSP C83 CDA Content Modules Component V.2 25 Jan 2010.

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HITSP Data Architecture Technical Note TN903
HITSP TN 901 -Technical Note for Clinical Documents
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