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Definition:This Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) Capability document is divided into five sections: Requirements Analysis, External Capability Options, Design Specification, Standards and the Appendix. All sections may be useful to analysts and architects. However as shown in Table 1-1, different readers may find specific sections of greater interest and utility. This table is provided as an aid to readers to assist them in identifying sections to focus on. Readers are encouraged to review all sections of this document to further their understanding of HITSP’s work.
Registration Authority:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Comment:As per Table 1-1 Reader´s Guide for Capability

Document Section - Number - Intended Audience - Contained Information

Section 2.0 Requirements 2.0 Policy Managers/Policy Analysts/Executive Leadership

Provides an overview of the requirements which this Capability addresses. It lists, describes and diagrams the external interfaces and relates these to the system roles supported by the Capability. It shows how these roles can be assigned at a higher level to real world systems, such as an Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Section 2.1 Program Managers,Policy Analysts,Executive Leadership

Architects,Business Analysts Defines the actual information exchanges supported by the Capability in terms of exchange actions, exchange content, constraints mapped to the initiating and responding system roles that participate in these exchanges

Section3.0 External Capability Options 3.1 Policy Analysts,Architects,Business,Analysts and Developers Defines the integrated and optional Security and Privacy functions supported by the Capability

Section 3.2 Architects,Business Analysts,Developers Describes the external information exchange options associated with topology, or message and document content as applicable

Section 4.0 4.1: Design Specification Program Managers,Architects,Business Analysts

Developers -Maps the information exchanges developed in requirements to the actual HITSP construct used by the Capability to support the exchange

Section 4.2: Business Analysts, Developers-Lists the context that is necessary to use the Capability, including assumptions, pre-conditions, post-conditions and triggers

4.3 :Business Analysts and Developers -Identifies the constructs and their interfaces assigned to each system role. It also lists the implementation conditions for use

Section 5.0 Standards; 5.1 Program Managers,Policy Analysts,Architects,Business Analysts and Developers-Lists regulatory guidance, selected standards and informative references used by the Capability and all its supporting constructs

5.2 Program Managers,Policy Analysts,Architects,Business Analysts and

Developers -Identifies gaps or overlaps in standards to implement the Capability including a plan to resolve issues
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Responsible Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Submitting Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Steward Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
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