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Definition:As per Table 1-2 List of Constructs
Registration Authority:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Comment:HITSP/TP13 - Manage Sharing of Documents -The HITSP Manage Sharing of Documents Transaction Package supports the sharing of patient records in the form of source attested objects called documents. A healthcare document is a composite of structured and coded health information, both narrative and tabular, that describes acts, observations and services for the purpose of exchange. No assumption is made by this construct in terms of the format and structure of the content of documents shared

HITSP/T31 - Document Reliable Interchange-The HITSP Document Reliable Interchange Transaction provides a standards-based mechanism for conveying a set of medical documents in a point-to-point network-based communication. This Transaction uses the IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Reliable Interchange (XDR) Integration Profile, a companion to the IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) Integration Profile. Cross-Enterprise Document Reliable Interchange (XDR) uses the XDS defined metadata formats in a simpler environment in which the communicating parties have agreed to a point-to-point interchange rather than communicating via document sharing

HITSP/T33 - Transfer of Documents on Media-The HITSP Transfer of Documents on Media Transaction describes both the type of media (CD-ROM, USB Memory, and e-Mail) that may be used to write the documents and provides a directory structure that must be followed in order for the contents to be successfully accessed and processed by systems. An example might be to transport data from one healthcare provider to another healthcare provider, or a healthcare consumer may wish to move the contents of a Personal Health Record (PHR) using physical media or e-Mail. This Transaction uses the IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Media Interchange Integration Profile developed by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), a companion to the IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) Integration Profile

HITSP/T29 - Notification of Document Availability-The HITSP Notification of Document Availability Transaction is based on the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) IT Infrastructure Technical Framework (TF) Supplement - Notification of Document Availability (NAV). The Notification of Document Availability Transaction defines a mechanism for a healthcare stakeholder (e.g. provider, public health, etc) to notify providers or the patient about information that is available for retrieval pertaining to an identified patient. This Transaction defines the format, content, encoding and transmission of notification messages and acknowledgements between IHE NAV interfaces and a known recipient (either a person or system) that participate in the same XDS Affinity Domain

HITSP/SC108 - Access Control-The HITSP Access Control Service Collaboration provides the mechanism for security authorizations which control the enforcement of security policies including: role-based access control, entity based access control, context based access control, and the execution of consent directives

HITSP/SC109 - Security Audit-The HITSP Security Audit Service Collaboration describes the mechanism to record security relevant events in support of policy, regulation, or risk analysis. It also provides the mechanism to determine the record format to support analytical reports that are needed
Administrative Note:cont...HITSP/SC110 - Patient Identification Management-The HITSP Patient Identification Management Service Collaboration provides the ability to lookup and/or cross-reference patient identities

HITSP/T17 - Secured Communication Channel-The HITSP Secured Communication Channel Transaction provides the mechanisms to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of transmissions, and the mutual trust between communicating parties. Its objectives include providing: mutual node authentication to assure each node of the others’ identity; transmission integrity to guard against improper information modification or destruction while in transit; and transmission confidentiality to ensure that information in transit is not disclosed to unauthorized individuals, entities, or processes

HITSP/T64 - Identify Communication Recipients-The HITSP Identify Communication Recipients Transaction is intended to serve the purpose of identification of communication recipients and the subsequent purpose of delivery of alerts and bi-directional communications (e.g., public health agencies notifying a specific group of service providers about an event.). The method and criteria by which individuals are added to a directory is a policy decision, which is out of scope for this construct. It uses the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Personnel White Pages profile which provides access to basic directory information for identifying one or more recipients

HITSP/C26 – Nonrepudiation of Origin-The HITSP Nonrepudiation of Origin Component provides the mechanisms to support Nonrepudiation of Origin, which refers to both the proof of the integrity and origin of documents in a high-assurance manner, which can be verified by any party. This Component does not provide Nonrepudiation of Receipt
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Responsible Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Submitting Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Steward Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
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