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Pressure Ulcer

Form ID: F10
Form Name: Pressure Ulcer
Version: 1.1
Form Short Name: Pressure Ulcer
Synonym: PU
Definition: A pressure ulcer is a localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure, or pressure in combination with shear and/or friction which may be classified according to the following stages:
Stage 1: Intact skin with non-blanchable redness of a localized area, usually over a bony prominence
Stage 2: Partial-thickness tissue loss of dermis presenting as a shallow open ulcer with a red/pink wound bed, without slough
Stage 3: Full-thickness tissue loss. Subcutaneous fat may be visible but bone, tendon, or muscle are not exposed
Stage 4: Full-thickness tissue loss with exposed bone, tendon, or muscle
Unstageable: Full-thickness tissue loss in which the base of the ulcer is covered by slough and/or eschar in the wound bed
Suspected Deep Tissue Injury: Purple or maroon localized area of discolored intact skin or blood-filled blister due to damage of underlying soft tissue from pressure and/or shear
Setting: Hospitals, including outpatient pharmacies and outpatient departments located within the hospital
Language: U.S. English
Guide For Use: Use this form to report a pressure ulcer or suspected Deep Tissue Injury that was 1) not present on admission (i.e., newly-developed), or 2) worsened during the patient's stay. Report only an event that occurred prior to patient discharge. Narrative detail can be captured on the Healthcare Event Reporting Form (HERF).
Comments: None defined at this time
Description Of Change: Not applicable for this release
Data Element ID Sort Data Element Name Sort Question Number Sort Version Sort Effective Date Sort Until Date Sort
DE408 Most advanced stage of pressure ulcer or sDTI reported 1 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE411 sDTI status on admission 2 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE414 Status of Stage 3, 4, or unstageable pressure ulcer on admission 3 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE420 Admission skin inspection documented 4 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE423 Timing of first pressure ulcer risk assessment 5 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE426 Type of pressure ulcer risk assessment 6 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE429 Documented increased risk for pressure ulcer 7 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE432 Pressure ulcer prevention intervention 8 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE435 Type of pressure ulcer intervention(s) used 9 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE438 Device involvement in pressure ulcer 10 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE441 Type of device involved with pressure ulcer 11 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE444 Type of tube that contributed to pressure ulcer 12 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE447 Development of secondary morbidity during stay 13 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
DE450 Secondary morbidity attributed to pressure ulcer or sDTI 14 1.1 03/31/2010 - -
Effective Date: 03/31/2010
Until Date: - -
Update Date: - -
Submitting Organization: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Date of Submission: 03/31/2010
Responsible Organization: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Creator: John C. Moquin
Data Steward: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
References: No specific reference at this time
Administrative Status: Final
Administrative Status Date: 03/31/2010
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