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Entity Zip/Postal Code

Name:Entity Zip/Postal Code
Definition:Code defining international postal code excluding punctuation of the entity indicated.
Type:Data Element
When used for US ZIP Code - This left-justified field contains the five-digit zip code, and may include the four-digit expanded zip code.
Examples: If the zip code is 98765-4321, this field would reflect: 987654321.
If the zip code is 98765, this field would reflect: 98765 left justified.

When used for Canadian Postal Code - This left justified field contains the three-digit forward sortation area (FSA) followed by a space, then followed by a Local Delivery Unit. (Format A0A 0A0, where A is a letter and 0 is a digit, with a space separating the third and fourth characters.)

A0E 3B0
A1L 2T8
Registration Authority:National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
Source:National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
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