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Patient Relationship Code

Name:Patient Relationship Code
Definition:Code indicating relationship of patient to cardholder.
Type:Data Element
Registration Authority:National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
Source:National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
Values for: Patient Relationship Code
Value Value Meaning
0 Not Specified
1 Cardholder - The individual that is enrolled in and receives benefits from a health plan
2 Spouse - Patient is the husband/wife/partner of the cardholder
3 Child - Patient is a child of the cardholder
4 Other - Relationship to cardholder is not precise
5 Student - A dependent child enrolled in school
6 Disabled Dependent - A dependent, regardless of age, who is disabled
7 Adult Dependent - A dependent determined to be an adult. Parents fall under this category
8 Significant Other - Partner other than the spouse
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