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Pharmacy Service Providers File Submission


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Name:Pharmacy Service Providers File Submission
Definition:Not Provided

File Specification for Pharmacy Service Providers File Submission

Data Element ID Data Element Description Type Format Length
Multiple versionsPCSP901 Payer Payer varchar 6
Multiple versionsPCSP902 Data Processing Center Code Data Processing Center Code integer
Multiple versionsPCSP903 Pharmacy Number Pharmacy Number varchar 30
Multiple versionsPCSP904 Pharmacy Tax ID Number Pharmacy Tax ID Number varchar 10
Multiple versionsPCSP905 Pharmacy Name Pharmacy Name varchar 100
Multiple versionsPCSP906 National Pharmacy ID Number National Pharmacy ID Number varchar 20
Multiple versionsPCSP907 Pharmacy Location City Pharmacy Location City varchar 30
Multiple versionsPCSP908 Pharmacy Location State Pharmacy Location State varchar 2
Multiple versionsPCSP909 Pharmacy ZIP Code Pharmacy ZIP Code varchar 11
Multiple versionsPCSP910 Key to Pharmacy Claims Key to Pharmacy Claims integer
PCSP911 Pharmacy Country Name Pharmacy Country Name varchar 30

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Data Element ID Data Element Code Value
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