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Adverse Event Type

Definition:Describes the type of product and intolerance suffered by the patient. The type of product shall be classified with respect to whether the adverse event occurs in relationship with a medication, food, or environmental or other product. The adverse event should also be classified more specifically as an allergy, non-allergy intolerance, or just adverse reaction if that level of detail is not known

Value Set

Allergy/Adverse Event Type Value Set

Definition:The SNOMED CT®has been limited by HITSP to the value set reproduced below in Table 2-86 Allergy/Adverse Event Type Value Set Definition
Code System Name:SNOMED CT®
Code System Source:National Library of Medicine - UMLS
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
59037007 Drug intolerance (disorder) Not Available
235719002 Food intolerance (disorder) Not Available
414285001 Food allergy (disorder) Not Available
416098002 Drug allergy (disorder) Not Available
418038007 Propensity to adverse reactions to substance (disorder) Not Available
418471000 Propensity to adverse reactions to food (disorder) Not Available
419199007 Allergy to substance (disorder) Not Available
419511003 Propensity to adverse reactions to drug (disorder) Not Available
420134006 Propensity to adverse reactions (disorder) Not Available

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