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Severity Coded

Definition:This value is a code describing the level severity of the allergy or intolerance
Constraints:C154-[DE-6.08-1] The terminology used for severity of the adverse event SHALL be coded as specified in HITSP/C80 Section Allergy/Adverse Event Severity

Value Set

Problem Severity Value Set

Definition:The SNOMED CT®has been limited by HITSP to the value set reproduced below in Table 2-67 Problem Severity Value Set Definition. These terms descend from the severities (272141005) concept
Code System Name:SNOMED CT®
Code System Source:National Library of Medicine - UMLS
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
6736007 Moderate (severity modifier) (qualifier value) Not Available
24484000 Severe (severity modifier) (qualifier value) Not Available
255604002 Mild (qualifier value) Not Available
371923003 Mild to moderate (qualifier value) Not Available
371924009 Moderate to severe (qualifier value) Not Available
399166001 Fatal (qualifier value) Not Available

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