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Definition:A Sig Component: the amount of the product to be given. This may be a known, measurable unit (e.g., milliliters), an administration unit (e.g., tablet), or an amount of active ingredient (e.g., 250 mg). May define a variable dose, dose range or dose options based upon identified criteria (see Dose Indicator)
Constraints:C154-[DE-8.08-1] Units MAY be present when needed. If present it SHALL be coded as specified in HITSP/C80 Section Units of Measurement

C154-[DE-8.08-2] When the coded product or brand name describes the strength or concentration of the medication, and the dosing is in administration units (e.g., 1 tablet, 2 capsules), units SHOULD contain the preferred name of the presentation units within braces { } using the units of presentation from the NCI Thesaurus

Value Set

http://aurora.regenstrief.org/~ucum/ucum.html#datyp2apdxatblxmp" Exit Disclaimer href="/ViewItemDetails?&system=hitsp&itemKey=168441000" class="requiresAuthVerification">Unit of Measure

Definition:Units of measure concepts that includes atomic UCUM units as well as UCUM expression. Commonly used UCUM units of measure concepts can be obtained from UCUM Web Site http://aurora.regenstrief.org/~ucum/ucum.html#datyp2apdxatblxmp Exit Disclaimer
Code System Name:Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM)
Code System Source:Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

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