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Coded Brand Name

Definition:A code describing the product as a branded or trademarked entity from a controlled vocabulary
Constraints:C154-[DE-8.14-1] The brand name SHALL be coded as specified in HITSP/C80 Section Medication Brand Name or Medication Packaged Product.

Value Sets

Medication Brand Name Value Set

Definition:Shall contain RxNorm normal forms for concepts type of "Brand Name" or Brand Name Packs. The Brand name concepts can be found in the RxNORM file RXCONSO.RRF selecting all terms where SAB=RXNORM (selecting the normal forms), and TTY=BN (selecting the brand names) or TTY=BPCK (selecting the brand name packs)

Note: The definition will be changed to be consistent with vocabularies selected by Federal regulation on Meaningful Use. This change will be completed when that regulation has been published
Code System Name:RxNorm
Code System Source:National Library of Medicine - RxNorm

Medication Packaged Product Value Set

Definition:Shall contain a value from NDC. Each listed drug product listed is assigned a unique 10-digit, 3-segment number
. NDC code is created from the "listings.txt" file by combining LISTING_SEQ_NO, LBLCODE and PRODCODE
Code System Name:National Drug Code
Code System Source:U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

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Relationship Organization Item
utilizes HITSP Medication Brand Name Value Set   
utilizes HITSP Medication Packaged Product Value Set   
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