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Purpose:This is the code specifying the particular kind of document (e.g., Prescription, Discharge Summary, Report, etc.). It is suggested that the XDS Affinity Domain draws these values from a coding scheme providing a coarse level of granularity (about 10 to 100 entries)
Definition:The Document Class value set is reproduced below in Table 2-144 Document Class Value Set Definition Note: Class code for documents comes from LOINC® and is based upon one of the following: The type of service described by the document. It is described at a very high level in Section 7.3 of the LOINC®Manual The type study performed. It was determined by identifying modalities for study reports The section of the chart where the document is placed. It was determined from the SETs created for Claims Attachment requests
Effective Date:2009-11-09
Creation Date:2009-11-09
Code System Name:Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC®)
Code System Source:Regenstrief Institute, Inc.
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
11369-6 History of Immunization History of Immunization
11485-0 Anesthesia Records Anesthesia records
11486-8 Chemotherapy Records Chemotherapy records
11488-4 Consultation note Consult Note
11506-3 Subsequent evaluation note Provider-unspecified progress note
11543-6 Nursery Records Nursery records
15508-5 Labor And Delivery Records Labor and delivery records
18726-0 Radiology Studies Radiology studies (set)
18761-7 Transfer summarization note Provider-unspecified transfer summary
18842-5 Discharge summarization note Discharge summary
26436-6 Laboratory Studies Laboratory Studies (set)
26441-6 Cardiology Studies Cardiology studies (set)
26442-4 Obstetrical Studies Obstetrical studies (set)
27895-2 Gastroenterology Endoscopy Studies Gastroenterology endoscopy studies (set)
27896-0 Pulmonary Studies Pulmonary studies (set)
27897-8 Neuromuscular Electrophysiology Studies Neuromuscular electrophysiology studies (set)
27898-6 Pathology Studies Pathology studies (set)
28570-0 Procedure note Provider-unspecified procedure note
28619-5 Ophthalmology Studies Ophthalmology/optometry studies (set)
28634-4 Miscellaneous Studies Miscellaneous studies (set)
29749-9 Dialysis Records Dialysis records
29750-7 Neonatal Intensive Care Records Neonatal intensive care records
29751-5 Critical Care Records Critical care records
29752-3 Perioperative Records Perioperative records
34109-9 Evaluation and management note Evaluation and management note
34117-2 History and physical note Provider-unspecified, History and physical note
34121-4 Interventional procedure note Interventional procedure note
34122-2 Pathology procedure note Pathology procedure note
34133-9 Summarization of episode note Summarization of episode note
34140-4 Transfer of care referral note Transfer of care referral note
34748-4 Telephone encounter note Telephone encounter note
34775-7 Pre-operative evaluation and management note General surgery Pre-operative evaluation and management note
47039-3 Admission history and physical note Inpatient Admission history and physical note
47042-7 Counseling note Counseling note
47045-0 Study report Study report Document
47046-8 Summary of death Summary of death
47049-2 Communication Non-patient Communication
53576-5 Personal health monitoring report Personal health monitoring report Document
56445-0 Medication Summary Medication Summary Document
57016-8 Privacy Policy Acknowledgment Privacy Policy Acknowledgment Document
57017-6 Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Organization Document
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