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Healthcare Facility Type Value Set

URI:Not Available at Publication
Purpose:This is the code representing the type of organizational setting where the clinical encounter,, service, interaction, or treatment occurred
Definition:The value set used for Healthcare Facility Type has been defined by HITSP to be the value set reproduced in Table 2-147
Effective Date:2009-11-09
Creation Date:2009-11-09
Revision Date:2010-01-25
Code System Name:SNOMED CT®
Code System Source:National Library of Medicine - UMLS
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
331006 Hospital outpatient rheumatology clinic Not Provided
901005 Helicopter-based care Not Provided
1773006 Free-standing radiology facility Not Provided
1814000 Hospital outpatient geriatric health center Not Provided
2081004 Hospital ship Not Provided
2849009 Hospital outpatient infectious disease clinic Not Provided
3729002 Hospital outpatient pediatric clinic Not Provided
4322002 Hospital-military field Not Provided
5584006 Hospital outpatient peripheral vascular clinic Not Provided
6827000 Local community health center Not Provided
10206005 Hospital outpatient dental clinic Not Provided
10531005 Free-standing ambulatory surgery facility Not Provided
11424001 Ambulance-based care Not Provided
14866005 Hospital outpatient mental health center Not Provided
19602009 Fee-for-service private physicians' group office Not Provided
20078004 Substance abuse treatment center Not Provided
22549003 Hospital outpatient gynecology clinic Not Provided
23392004 Hospital outpatient otorhinolaryngology clinic Not Provided
25681007 Sexually transmitted disease health center Not Provided
31628002 Hospital outpatient family medicine clinic Not Provided
32074000 Hospital-long term care Not Provided
33022008 Hospital-based outpatient clinic or department--OTHER-NOT LISTED Not Provided
35971002 Ambulatory care site--OTHER--NOT LISTED Not Provided
36125001 Hospital-trauma center Not Provided
36293008 Hospital outpatient pain clinic Not Provided
37546005 Hospital outpatient rehabilitation clinic Not Provided
37550003 Hospital outpatient dermatology clinic Not Provided
38238005 Hospital outpatient neurology clinic Not Provided
39350007 Private physicians' group office Not Provided
39913001 Residential school infirmary Not Provided
41844007 Free-standing geriatric health center Not Provided
42665001 Nursing home Not Provided
45618002 Skilled nursing facility Not Provided
45899008 Free-standing laboratory facility Not Provided
46224007 Vaccination clinic Not Provided
48311003 Hospital-Veterans' Administration Not Provided
50569004 Hospital outpatient urology clinic Not Provided
51563005 Free-standing mental health center Not Provided
52668009 Hospital birthing center Not Provided
56189001 Hospital outpatient obstetrical clinic Not Provided
56293002 Hospital outpatient hematology clinic Not Provided
57159002 Hospital outpatient respiratory disease clinic Not Provided
58482006 Hospital outpatient gastroenterology clinic Not Provided
59374000 Traveler's aid clinic Not Provided
62480006 Hospital-psychiatric Not Provided
69362002 Hospital ambulatory surgery facility Not Provided
72311000 Health maintenance organization Not Provided
73644007 Hospital outpatient endocrinology clinic Not Provided
73770003 Emergency department--hospital Not Provided
77931003 Rural health center Not Provided
78001009 Hospital outpatient orthopedics clinic Not Provided
78088001 Hospital outpatient ophthalmology clinic Not Provided
79491001 Hospital radiology facility Not Provided
79993009 Hospital-government Not Provided
80522000 Hospital-rehabilitation Not Provided
81234003 Walk-in clinic Not Provided
82242000 Hospital-children's Not Provided
83891005 Solo practice private office Not Provided
89972002 Hospital outpatient oncology clinic Not Provided
90484001 Hospital outpatient general surgery clinic Not Provided
91154008 Free-standing birthing center Not Provided
224687002 Hospital-prison Not Provided
225732001 Hospital-community Not Provided
272501009 Sports facility Not Provided
275576008 Elderly assessment clinic Not Provided
284546000 Hospice facility Not Provided
309898008 Psychogeriatric day hospital Not Provided
309900005 Care of the elderly day hospital Not Provided
310205006 Private residential home Not Provided
360957003 Hospital outpatient allergy clinic Not Provided
360966004 Hospital outpatient immunology clinic Not Provided
394759007 Independent ambulatory care provider site--OTHER--NOT LISTED Not Provided
394777002 Health encounter site--NOT LISTED Not Provided
405607001 Ambulatory surgery center Not Provided
409519008 Contained casualty setting Not Provided
413456002 Adult day care center Not Provided
413817003 Child day care center Not Provided
418518002 Dialysis unit--hospital Not Provided
419955002 Residential institution Not Provided
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