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HITSP CAP122 - Retrieve Medical Knowledge Version :1 25 January 2010

Type:Data Agreement
Start Date:2010-01-25
Scope:1.1 CAPABILITY OVERVIEW This Capability addresses the requirements to retrieve medical knowledge that is not patient-specific based on context parameters. The actual content delivered is not constrained by this Capability; this Capability focuses on providing the mechanism to ask for (query) and receive the medical knowledge.

1.2 SCOPE A Capability enables business and policy requirements for a business need to be implemented through information exchanges specified in HITSP constructs. The objective of a Capability is to provide the bridge between the business, policy and implementation disciplines by defining a set of information exchanges at a level relevant to policy and business decisions and specifying the use of HITSP constructs sufficiently for implementation. A Capability supports stakeholder requirements and business processes and includes information content, infrastructure, security and privacy. The design of Capabilities leverages existing HITSP constructs and communication methodologies. As new constructs become available, the scope of this Capability may be extended.
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