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Prescription Origin Code

Name:Prescription Origin Code
Definition:Code indicating the origin of the prescription.
Type:Data Element
Representation Format:9(1)
Registration Authority:National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
Source:National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
Data Type:
Maximum Size:1
Permissible Values:
Code / Value Meaning Meaning Definition Text
Ø Ø Not Provided
1 1 Prescription obtained via paper.
2 2 Prescription obtained via oral instructions or interactive voice response using a phone.
3 3 Prescription obtained via SCRIPT or HL7 Standard transactions.
4 4 Prescription obtained via transmission using a fax machine.
5 5 This value is used to cover any situation where a new Rx number needs to be created from an existing valid prescription such as traditional transfers, intrachain transfers, file buys, software upgrades/migrations, and any reason necessary to "give it a new number." This value is also the appropriate value for Pharmacy dispensing when applicable such as BTC (behind the counter), Plan B, etc.
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