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Abdomen Appearance_VD

Name:Abdomen Appearance_VD
Type:Value Domain
Alternative Name:
Registration Authority:University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Effective Date:2009-08-28
Until Date:2009-08-28
Creation Date:2009-08-28
Status:not available
Change Description:not available
Administrative Note:not available
Administrative Attributes
Date Of Submission: 2010-10-14
Responsible Organization:University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Submitting Organization:University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Steward Organization:University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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Conceptual Domain:
Vocabulary:Aurora Vocabulary
Vocabulary Identifier:
Vocabulary Source:
Vocabulary URL:
Vocabulary HL7 Identifier:
Vocabulary Version:
Data Type:String
Unit of Measure:Not Provided
Permissible Values For:Abdomen Appearance_VD
Code / Value Meaning Meaning Definition Text
No distention WDL-normal Not Available
Protuberant Protuberant Not Available
WDL WDL Not Available
WDL Except WDL Except Not Available
distended distended Not Available
masses masses Not Available
other other Not Available
rounded rounded Not Available
shiny shiny Not Available
sunken sunken Not Available
taut taut Not Available
Relationship Organization Item
utilizes UWM Abdomen Appearance_VD_CD   
Relationship Organization Item
is utilized by UWM Aurora Risk for Falls_Constraint Group   
Relationship Organization Item
is utilized by UWM GI   

There are no Value Domains linked to Abdomen Appearance_VD.

Relationship Organization Item
references UWM Aurora Vocabulary   
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