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ADL Continence_Falls_Constraint

Name:ADL Continence_Falls_Constraint
Alternative Name:
Definition:No Value
Registration Authority:University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Effective Date:2009-08-28
Until Date:2009-08-28
Status:not available
Comment:not available
Change Description:not available
Administrative Note:not available
Administrative Attributes
Date Of Submission: 2010-10-14
Responsible Organization:University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Submitting Organization:University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Steward Organization:University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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Permissible Values For:ADL Continence_Falls_Constraint
Code / Value Meaning Meaning Definition Text
Dependent Dependent Not Available
Requires Assistance Requires Assistance Not Available

There are no Conceptual Domains linked to ADL Continence_Falls_Constraint.

Relationship Organization Item
constrains UWM Aurora Risk for Falls_Constraint Group   
Relationship Organization Item
constrains UWM ADL Continence   
Relationship Organization Item
constrains UWM Functional Assessment   
Relationship Organization Item
constrains UWM ADL Continence_VD   
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