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Medical Eligibility File Submission

APCD Council

Name:Medical Eligibility File Submission
State:APCD Council
Definition:Not Provided
VersionNot Supplied

File Specification for Medical Eligibility File Submission

Data Element ID Data Element
ME001 Payer
ME002 National Plan ID
ME003 Insurance Type Code/Product
ME004 Year
ME005 Month
ME006 Insured Group or Policy Number
ME007 Coverage Level Code
ME008 Encrypted Subscriber Social Security Number
ME009 Encrypted Plan Specific Contract Number
ME010 Member Suffix or Sequence Number
ME011 Encrypted Member Identification Code
ME012 Individual Relationship Code
ME013 Member Gender
ME014 Member Date of Birth
ME015 Member City Name
ME016 Member State or Province
ME017 Member ZIP Code
ME018 Medical Coverage
ME019 Prescription Drug Coverage
ME020 Dental Coverage
ME021 Race 1
ME022 Race 2
ME023 Other Race
ME024 Hispanic Indicator
ME025 Ethnicity 1
ME026 Ethnicity 2
ME027 Other Ethnicity
ME028 Primary Insurance Indicator
ME029 Coverage Type
ME030 Market Category Code
ME031 Special Coverage
ME032 Insured Group Name
ME101 Encrypted Subscriber Last Name
ME102 Encrypted Subscriber First Name
ME103 Encrypted Subscriber Middle Initial
ME104 Encrypted Member Last Name
ME105 Encrypted Member First Name
ME106 Encrypted Member Middle Initial
ME899 Record Type

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Data Element ID Data Element Code Value
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