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Expected Outcomes

Name:Expected Outcomes
Type:Model View
Definition:The Clinical Care Classification of Nursing Diagnoses taxonomy is modified by an Expected Outcome axis represented by three qualifiers to address three possible conditions. The three qualifiers were derived from the diagnostic statements collected on admission and on discharge and that were considered to be another facet of the statement. As a result, the expected outcome and/or actual outcome axis was created by using one of the three qualifiers as the expected outcome or goal on the admission of a patient and evaluated as the actual outcome on discharge making it possible to measure and/or evaluate the care process. The interventions provide the evidence for measuring the changes. Expected Outcomes codes are associated with an expected outcome for a Nursing Diagnosis.
Registration Authority:Sabacare, Inc.
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Responsible Organization:Sabacare, Inc.
Submitting Organization:Sabacare, Inc.
Steward Organization:Sabacare, Inc.
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