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Type:Model View
Definition:The standard will be used to set the requirements for collecting and storing specific patient demographic data, to be used for various purposes, primarily that of unique patient identification. This includes the sub-domains of patient care (patient and clinical management, financial and billing, legal and regulatory concerns (including records management), research, and communications. Through later research, demographic information can serve as an important component in the identification of health trends within various segments of the population and can focus on these demographic groups to recognize reactions to specific health care regimens and clinical trials. The collected information can be used to track the elimination of health disparities, a high priority initiative for many government departments and agencies. Usability gaps noted were: Marital status: The available values should be re-examined due to the many overlaps currently in the standard. Gender: The selections within this data element need to be more restrictive, such as three selections instead of five, at least for demographic purposes. These could include male, female, and unknown for humans. Insurance Status: This data element and its associated values should be added. Living Status: This data element should be considered for those situations when information related the presence of another individual in a residence is needed to determine the supervisory care needed. Such information is also becoming more necessary where homelessness needs to be considered or tracked.
Registration Authority:Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Effective Date:2004-05-06
Administrative Attributes
Responsible Organization:Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Submitting Organization:Consolidated Health Informatics
Steward Organization:Consolidated Health Informatics
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Relationship Organization Item
utilizes CMS Birth Order   
utilizes CMS Citizenship   
utilizes CMS Country Code   
utilizes CMS County Code   
utilizes CMS Date of Birth   
utilizes CMS Date of Death   
utilizes CMS Drivers License Number   
utilizes CMS Education Level   
utilizes CMS Ethnic Group   
utilizes CMS Living Status   
utilizes CMS Marital Status   
utilizes CMS Mothers Maiden Name   
utilizes CMS Mothers Medical Record Numbers   
utilizes CMS Nationality   
utilizes CMS Patient Account Number   
utilizes CMS Patient Address   
utilizes CMS Patient Alias   
utilizes CMS Patient Name   
utilizes CMS Patient Relationship to Subscriber   
utilizes CMS Phone Number (Business)   
utilizes CMS Phone Number (Home)   
utilizes CMS Place Of Birth (City)   
utilizes CMS Place Of Birth (State)   
utilizes CMS Primary Language   
utilizes CMS Race   
utilizes CMS Religion   
utilizes CMS Sex/Gender   
utilizes CMS Social Security Number   
utilizes CMS Time Of Birth   
utilizes CMS Time Of Death   
utilizes CMS Veterans Military Status   
Relationship Organization Item
is a sub view of CMS HL7 Compare these items   
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