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Definition:The descriptions of anatomical locations for clinical, surgical, pathological and research purposes. This includes the sub-domains of anatomical location of a procedure, anatomical location of an injury, anatomical description of specimen, subcelluar anatomy, measured of inferred physiology or organ or organ system, measure or inferred physiology of cell, and morphology. Usability gaps noted were: 1) It was determined that a stand-alone, limited clinically oriented terminology for anatomy that relates to the more complex ones is required from the perspective of a general practitioner in the clinical environment. Lack of a limited terminology in this area could limit use and acceptance by clinicians within electronic medical record systems. It is recommended that this work be coordinated in the next phase of CHI through the NLM as it seeks to enhance the usability of SNOMED CT. 2) A major use of coded anatomy terminology today is by Cancer Registries. The standard there is the ICD-O classification system provided by the World Health Organization. Currently, by agreement, the morphology axis of that classification and the legacy codes used in SNOMED are the same. With the change in SNOMED to the SCID as the primary identifier, it is unclear that that relationship will continue into the future. The increasing shift of SNOMED codes versus those in ICD-O will require good agreement on mapping to maintain interoperability. ICD-O is not currently included in UMLS but could be with permission from WHO. It is however included in NCI Metathesaurus for non-commercial use, with mapping done to UMLS. 3) It was also noted that many anatomy concepts require the post-coordination of modifier terms to anatomical concepts. At present, a common, understandable way of post-coordinating terms does not exist. An example of an anatomical term that will require post-coordination rules to be understood is Status post colonoscopy and polypectomy adenomatous polyp 1.5 cm at 10 cm in sigmoid colon, benign. Until rules are developed for post-coordination, full use of an anatomy terminology will be limited. This gap has already been noted to the National Committee of Vital and Health Statistics as part of their investigations into Patient Medical Record Information terminologies. NOTE: The content for this domain will be maintained in Unified Medical Language System (UMLS), which can be accessed or downloaded from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) site http://www.nlm.nih.gov/research/umls/. For java-equipped desktops, the NCI Metathesaurus is directly accessible at http://ncimeta.nci.nih.gov. In desktop environments that do not permit web installation of java or plugins, go to the NCI Terminology browser at http://nciterms.nci.nih.gov.
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