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Text Based Reports (CDA)

Name:Text Based Reports (CDA)
Type:Model View
Definition:Identify standards and terminologies used to define the messaging architecture and syntax of clinical text documents. This includes the sub-domains of text-document structure and syntax, electronic signature, document section headings, and clinical document types and titles. The CHI text-based reports standard is Health Level Seven Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Release 1.0-2000 and subsequent releases. The CDA is a standardized representation of clinical documents (such as reports of medical history and physical examination, progress notes and many others). (Note: HL7 released ballot for CDA Release 2.0 on December 8, 2003. It is anticipated that this new release will be ANSI-certified before the end of 2004.) Usability gaps noted were: The CDA doesn´t require specific terminologies for diagnoses, procedures, etc - so in that regard, the standard can evolve in parallel to the evolution of standard terminologies. A particular implementation can choose to only allow for specific section codes, observation codes, etc. So the main gaps are those found in the specific terminologies used. These don´t impact the deployment of CDA, but CDA will benefit from cleaner and more comprehensive terminologies.
Registration Authority:Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Effective Date:2004-05-06
Administrative Attributes
Responsible Organization:Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Submitting Organization:Consolidated Health Informatics
Steward Organization:Health Level Seven International
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