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Accomodation Code - HL7 Table 0129_VD

Name:Accomodation Code - HL7 Table 0129_VD
Type:Value Domain
Definition:User-defined code and text representing specific patient accommodations for this visit.
Registration Authority:Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Creation Date:2004-08-23
Administrative Attributes
Responsible Organization:Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Submitting Organization:Office of Clinical Standards and Quality
Steward Organization:Consolidated Health Informatics
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Conceptual Domain:
Data Type:CE
Representational Form:null
Representational Layout:null
Minimum Size:0
Maximum Size:250
Unit of Measure:Not Provided
Unit of Measure Precision:0
Minimum Range:0
Maximum Range:0
Permissible Values For:Accomodation Code - HL7 Table 0129_VD
Code / Value Meaning Meaning Definition Text
I Isolation Accommodations used in the care of diseases that are transmitted through casual contact or respiratory transmission.
P Private Accommodations in which there is only 1 bed.
S Suite Uniquely designed and elegantly decorated accommodations with many amenities available for an additional charge.
SP Semi-private Accommodations in which there are 3 or more beds.
W Ward Accommodations in which there are 3 or more beds.
Relationship Organization Item
utilizes CMS Accomodation Code_CD   
Relationship Organization Item
is utilized by HL7 Accommodation Code   
is utilized by HL7 Accommodation Type   
is utilized by CMS Accomodation Code   

There are no Value Domains linked to Accomodation Code - HL7 Table 0129_VD.

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