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Abnormal flags_VD

Name:Abnormal flags_VD
Type:Value Domain
Definition:Value domain for Abnormal flags
Registration Authority:Health Level Seven International
Effective Date:2000-10-06
Creation Date:2004-12-09
Administrative Attributes
Responsible Organization:Health Level Seven International
Submitting Organization:Health Level Seven International
Steward Organization:Health Level Seven International
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Conceptual Domain:
Data Type:IS
Representational Form:null
Representational Layout:null
Minimum Size:0
Maximum Size:5
Unit of Measure:Not Provided
Unit of Measure Precision:0
Minimum Range:0
Maximum Range:0
Permissible Values For:Abnormal flags_VD
Code / Value Meaning Meaning Definition Text
< Below absolute low-off instrument scale Not Provided
> Above absolute high-off instrument scale Not Provided
A Abnormal (applies to non-numeric results) Not Provided
AA Very abnormal (applies to non-numeric units, analogous to panic limits for numeric units) Not Provided
B Better--use when direction not relevant Not Provided
D Significant change down Not Provided
H Above high normal Not Provided
HH Above upper panic limits Not Provided
I Intermediate* Not Provided
L Below low normal Not Provided
LL Below lower panic limits Not Provided
MS Moderately susceptible* Not Provided
N Normal (applies to non-numeric results) Not Provided
R Resistant* Not Provided
S Susceptible* Not Provided
U Significant change up Not Provided
VS Very susceptible* Not Provided
W Worse--use when direction not relevant Not Provided
Relationship Organization Item
utilizes HL7 Abnormal flags_CD   
Relationship Organization Item
is utilized by HL7 Abnormal Flags   

There are no Value Domains linked to Abnormal flags_VD.

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