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Definition:Vital signs SHOULD be coded as specified in HITSP/C80 Section Vital Sign Result Type
Registration Authority:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Effective Date:2010-02-23
Comment:C80 Value Sets V2.0
Administrative Attributes
Date Of Submission: 2010-02-23
Responsible Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Submitting Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
Steward Organization:Health Information Technology Standards Panel
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Permissible Values For:C154-[DE-16.10-1]
Code / Value Meaning Meaning Definition Text
A Some, but not all, results available Not Available
C Correction to results Not Available
F Final results; results stored and verified. Can only be changed with a corrected result Not Available
I No results available; specimen received,procedure incomplete Not Available
O Order received; specimen not yet received Not Available
P Preliminary: A verified early result is available, final results not yet obtained Not Available
R Results stored; not yet verified Not Available
S No results available; procedure scheduled, but not done Not Available
X No results available; Order canceled Not Available
Y No order on record for this test. (Used only on queries) Not Available
Z No record of this patient. (Used only on queries) Not Available

There are no Conceptual Domains linked to C154-[DE-16.10-1].

Relationship Organization Item
constrains HITSP V2 Result Status Value Set   
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