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Reject Codes for Formulary & Benefit Standard

Name:Reject Codes for Formulary & Benefit Standard
Type:Standards Format
Definition:Reject Codes
Registration Authority:National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
Source:National Council for Prescription Drug Programs

Permissible Values for: Reject Codes for Formulary & Benefit Standard
Code / Value Meaning Meaning Definition Text
1001 Required segment missing Not Provided
1002 Required list missing Only a file header FDR and trailer TRL are present. No lists are present.
1003 Unknown segment There is an extra blank line in the file.
1004 Unexpected segment A record is out of order or doesn't have a valid record identifier.
1005 Failed to parse embedded list The list type field in a list header is not valid. Coverage list type is TS instead of TM.
1006 Required field missing Not Provided
1007 Invalid field length Not Provided
1008 Field value not found in validation table Valid values are 1,2,3 and a value of 4 is found.
1009 Invalid character(s) in field A space character is in a numeric field.
1010 Extra data found after segment Not Provided
1011 Effective date processing error The date sent is in the correct format but not valid considering the other effective dates of lists published.
1012 Invalid Record Count The file or list trailer has the wrong value in the record count field.
1013 Invalid Sender/Receiver Id or Password Not Provided
1014 Sender ID Not Certified For Processor/Payer Not Provided
9000 Other Error Error is not one of the codes, see free text for description.
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