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Medicare Assignment Code

Name:Medicare Assignment Code
Type:Value Set
Definition:An indication, used by Medicare or other government programs, that the provider accepted assignment.
Registration Authority:Accredited Standards Committee X12
Source:Accredited Standards Committee X12
Submitting Organization: Accredited Standards Committee X12
Conceptual Domain:
Data Type:ID
Minimum Size:2
Maximum Size:2
Permissible Values for: Medicare Assignment Code
Concept Code Concept Name Definition
A Assigned Not Provided
B Assignment Accepted on Clinical Lab Services Only Not Provided
C Not Assigned Not Provided
P Patient Refuses to Assign Benefits Not Provided

The downloads below include details for the Value Set: Medicare Assignment Code only. Download options for all 2014 CQMs and Value Sets are available on the Quality Reporting downloads page.

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Name Context
Medicare Assignment Code X12N Health Care Data Element Dictionary

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