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The heart of the registry is the data element; a basic unit of information collected about anything of interest—for example, a pharmaceutical name or the city in which a patient lives. The data in the registry is not the drug name itself or the actual city name, but rather the metadata about how information is collected. Metadata is often defined as "data about data", a definition which is technically correct, but does not convey the richness of data information which must be recorded. In order to use a piece of data, one must know specific things precisely placing the data item in terms of meaning, quality, context, chronology, and source. The specific things—metadata—are expressed in the form of attributes.

The content of the attributes for each data element is found at the most specific level of the registry on the Data Element Details page. Not all attributes may be collected by each organization for each data element, although there is a subset, which is generally considered best practice and, for standards purposes, is required. Data elements within the Registry are documented within a standard format, using the ISO/IEC international standard 11179, "Information technology — Metadata Registries — Part 3, Registry Metamodel and basic attributes." According to the registry metamodel standard, a data element is essentially a unit of data for which the definition, identification, representation, and permissible values are specified by means of a set of attributes.

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Absolute Row Number The absolute row or line number in the file that contains the error. 04-2014
Accepted Quantity Total quantity accepted for payment. 04-2014
Accumulated Deductible Amount Amount in dollars met by the patient/family in a deductible plan. 04-2014
Accumulated Gross Covered Drug Cost Amount The accumulated cost incurred by the plan for covered Part D drugs including amounts paid by or on behalf of an enrollee and including certain dispensing fees, but not including administrative costs. 04-2014
Accumulated Patient True Out Of Pocket Amount The accumulated cost for covered Part D drugs incurred by a patient that are applicable towards the out-of-pocket limit set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 04-2014
Accumulator Month Identifies the accumulator month based on date of service of claims activity. 04-2014
Accumulator Month Count Count of Accumulator Month (655-S6) occurrences. 04-2014
Accumulator Year Identifies the accumulator year. 04-2014
AcknowledgementID Responder control reference This field may be used as a trace number between trading partners. For Resupply - In the LTC environment this is the prescription number assigned by the facility. 04-2014
AcknowledgementReason Additional textual information regarding intervention and/or acknowledgment associated with a DUE conflict. 04-2014
Additional Documentation Type ID Unique identifier for the data being submitted. 04-2014
AdditionalFreeText Free text 04-2014
AdditionalFreeTextIndicator Indicates if the prescriber is allowed to supply additional free text with their answer to the question. 04-2014
AdditionalMessageIndicator Designates if a subsequent transaction will be sent. 04-2014
Additional Message Information Free text message. 04-2014
Additional Message Information Continuity Indicates continuity of the text found in the current repetition of 'Additional Message Information' (526-FQ) with the text found in the next repetition that follows. 04-2014
Additional Message Information Count Count of the 'Additional Message Information' (526-FQ) occurrences that follow. 04-2014
Additional Message Information Qualifier Format qualifier of the 'Additional Message Information' (526-FQ) that follows. Each value may occur only once per transaction and values must be ordered sequentially (numeric characters precede alpha characters, i.e., 0-9, A-Z). 04-2014
AdditionalRefillsAuthorized Number of additional refills authorized. 04-2014
AdditionalTraceNumber Trace number between trading partners. 04-2014
Address Count Count of address occurrences. 04-2014
AddressLine1 First line of address information. 04-2014
Address Line 1 First line of address information. 04-2014
AddressLine2 Second line of address information. 04-2014
Address Line 2 Second line of address information. 04-2014
Address Qualifier Qualifier of the address. 04-2014
AddressTypeQualifier Qualifies the To or From. 04-2014
Adjudicated Payment Type The type of prescription benefit plan that adjudicated and paid the primary amount of the prescription as reported by the plan in a response. 04-2014
Adjudication Date Date the claim or adjustment is processed. 04-2014
Adjudication Time Time the claim or adjustment is processed. 04-2014
Adjusted Quantity A correction between the 'Total Quantity' (601-39) submitted and the 'Accepted Quantity' (601-86). 04-2014
Adjusted Rebate Per Unit The dollar difference between the 'Rebate Per Unit Amount' (601-52) and the 'Paid Per Unit Amount' (601-95). 04-2014
Adjusted Variance Difference The 'Total Quantity' (601-39) times the 'Adjusted Rebate Per Unit' (601-70) amount. 04-2014
Adjustment Reason Code Reason for adjustment 04-2014
Adjustment Type Type of adjustment. 04-2014
AdministrationIndicator Indicates the action to be taken on the Administration fields. 04-2014
AdministrationTimingClarifyingFreeText Used to add clarity to the administration timing for elements that cannot be codified. 04-2014
AdministrationTimingEventCode The code representing the AdministrationTimingEventText. 04-2014
AdministrationTimingEventQualifier Qualifier to identify the code system being used. 04-2014
AdministrationTimingEventText The textual representation of AdministrationTimingEventCode. 04-2014
AdministrationTimingModifierCode The code representing the AdministrationTimingModifierText. 04-2014
AdministrationTimingModifierQualifier Qualifier to identify the code system being used. 04-2014
AdministrationTimingModifierText The textual representation of the AdministrationTimingModifierCode. Used to clarify or specify when the medication is to be administered relative to the actual timing event. 04-2014
AdministrationTimingNumericValue The numeric value for the administration event, such as 30 (minutes). 04-2014
AdministrationTimingUnitsCode The code representing the AdministrationTimingUnitsText. 04-2014
AdministrationTimingUnitsQualifier Qualifier to identify the code system being used. 04-2014
AdministrationTimingUnitsText The textual representation of AdministrationTimingUnitsCode. 04-2014
Administrative Fee Amount Administrative fee charge per claim. 04-2014
Administrative Fee Effect Indicator Indicates how the transaction should be counted for administrative fee determination. 04-2014
Age Calculated from Date of Birth (304-C4). 04-2014
Results 1 - 50 of 2855
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