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Children's EHR Format Requirement Comparison

(No Match) Requirement ID: Req-257: Manage Immunization Administration Req-767: Manage Structured Health Record Information
(Matches) Release Package: 2013 Format 2013 Format
(No Match) Title: Manage Immunization Administration Manage Structured Health Record Information
(No Match) Description: STATEMENT: Capture and maintain discrete data concerning immunizations given to a patient including date administered, type, manufacturer, lot number, and any allergic or adverse reactions. Facilitate the interaction with an immunization registry to allow maintenance of a patient's immunization history.
DESCRIPTION: During an encounter, recommendations based on accepted immunization schedules are presented to the provider. Allergen and adverse reaction histories are checked prior to giving the immunization. If an immunization is administered, discrete data elements associated with the immunization including date, type, manufacturer and lot number are recorded. Any new adverse or allergic reactions are noted. If required, a report is made to the public health immunization registry.
STATEMENT: Create, capture, and maintain structured health record information.

DESCRIPTION: Structured health record information is divided into discrete fields, and may be enumerated, numeric or codified.

Examples of structured health information include:
- patient address (non-codified, but discrete field)
- diastolic blood pressure (numeric)
- coded result observation
- coded diagnosis
- patient risk assessment questionnaire with multiple-choice answers

Context may determine whether or not data are unstructured, e.g., a progress note might be standardized and structured in some EHRS (e.g., Subjective/Objective/Assessment/Plan) but unstructured in others.
(No Match) Topic Area(s): Activity Clearance, EPSDT, Immunizations, Registry Linkages Well Child/Preventive Care
(Matches) Provenance: HL7 EHR FM R1 HL7 EHR FM R1
(Matches) Achievability:
(Matches) Requirement Type: Function Function
(Matches) Shall/Should/May:
(Matches) Critical/Core: no no
(Matches) Status: Released Released
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(No Match) See Also: IN.1.6, IN.1.7, IN.2.4, IN.2.5.1, IN.2.5.2, IN.3.1, IN.3.2, IN.4.1, IN.4.2, IN.4.3, IN.5.1, IN.5.2, IN.6
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