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Children's EHR Format Requirement Comparison

Req ID Title
Req-696 Manage Order Sets
(Matches) Requirement ID: Req-696: Manage Order Sets
(Matches) Release Package: 2013 Format
(Matches) Title: Manage Order Sets
(Matches) Description: STATEMENT: Provide order sets based on provider input or system prompt.
DESCRIPTION: Order sets, which may include medication and non-medication orders, allow a care provider to choose common orders for a particular circumstance or disease state according to standards or other criteria. Recommended order sets may be presented based on patient data or other contexts.
(Matches) Topic Area(s): Well Child/Preventive Care
(Matches) Provenance: HL7 EHR FM R1
(Matches) Achievability:
(Matches) Requirement Type: Function
(Matches) Shall/Should/May:
(Matches) Critical/Core: no
(Matches) Status: Released
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(Matches) Comments:
(Matches) Additional Information:
(Matches) Implementation Notes:
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