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Children's EHR Format Requirement Comparison

(No Match) Requirement ID: Req-828: Age Unit Selection Req-829: Present patient age using appropriate units
(Matches) Release Package: 2013 Format 2013 Format
(No Match) Title: Age Unit Selection Present patient age using appropriate units
(No Match) Description: Age units must be appropriate to the actual age, required precision, social conventions, and the environment of care. The system SHALL present patient age using units appropriate to the actual age of the patient, using appropriate thresholds for unit selection
(Matches) Topic Area(s): Well Child/Preventive Care Well Child/Preventive Care
(Matches) Provenance: SME SME
(No Match) Achievability: High
(No Match) Requirement Type: Function Normative Statements
(No Match) Shall/Should/May: SHALL
(Matches) Critical/Core: no no
(Matches) Status: Released Released
(Matches) Links:
(Matches) See Also:
(Matches) Comments:
(No Match) Additional Information: Age units thresholds: Unless overridden by implementation or environment-specific factors, the recommended default thresholds should be as follows: -Minutes up to 1 hour -Hours from 1 hour to 23 hours -Days from 2 days to 13 days -Weeks from 2 weeks to 8 weeks -Months from 2 months to 23 or 35 months (practices differ) -Years thereafter Note: The switch from weeks to months at 8 weeks is important for fever management guidelines and to rule out sepsis considerations. The argument for maintaining units of months through 35 is based on the switch in growth curve charts at that age.
(Matches) Implementation Notes:
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