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Children's EHR Format Requirement Comparison

(No Match) Requirement ID: Req-107: Standards Based Interoperability Req-545: Ability to comply with industry standards for interfaces and services
(Matches) Release Package: 2013 Format 2013 Format
(No Match) Title: Standards Based Interoperability Ability to comply with industry standards for interfaces and services
(No Match) Description: Provide automated health care delivery processes and seamless exchange of clinical, administrative, and financial information through standards-based solutions.
Interoperability standards enable an EHR-S to operate as a set of applications. This results in a unified view of the system where the reality is that several disparate systems may be coming together.
Interoperability standards also enable the sharing of information between EHR systems, including the participation in regional, national, or international information exchanges.
Timely and efficient access to information and capture of information is promoted with minimal impact to the user.
The system SHALL comply with industry standards for interfaces and services within the limitations of currently accepted standards
(No Match) Topic Area(s): Immunizations, Prenatal Screening, Registry Linkages, School-Based Linkages Registry Linkages
(No Match) Provenance: HL7 EHR FM R1 IH Gap Analysis
(No Match) Achievability: High
(No Match) Requirement Type: Header Normative Statements
(No Match) Shall/Should/May: SHALL
(Matches) Critical/Core: no no
(Matches) Status: Released Released
(Matches) Links:
(No Match) See Also: DC.1.7, DC.1.6, DC.2.2, IN.5, CH12.01, AM29.03, IP-AM7.14-12.01, IO-IP5.01, PC16.01
(Matches) Comments:
(Matches) Additional Information:
(Matches) Implementation Notes:
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